How to perform a good roof cleaning in autumn? Discover

The autumn season is a favorite time of year for many people. Seeing the typical yellow leaves on the ground creates a pleasant atmosphere. However, there is no doubt that this can also become a problem. Especially when it comes to finding a good strategy for keeping a roof cleaning up to date and in good condition. 

Many times, people take the risk of undertaking this type of work on their own. In cases where the work required is not simple and does not involve any physical danger, it can be a good option. 

However, it is always best to hire a professional team with extensive knowledge in the area of roof maintenance. This will not only ensure that you are working with the best tools for roof cleaning but that the techniques and results are appropriate. 

At Les Toitures Vallée & Fils we have a staff that will give you all the confidence for your roof cleaning through the quality of the work and through the 10 and 25 years guarantees that our company provides. Leave it in our hands!

How the best roof cleaning is performed


Before we begin, it is important for you to know that the importance of a roof cleaning lies not only in achieving an appearance but also in avoiding possible leaks, cracks, sagging and other issues with your home’s roof.  

Remember also that during the process the repair provider may take the opportunity to check your roof for serious damage. In case a coating is necessary, one of the best alternatives is asphalt shingle roofing. This type of material is flexible and easy to install.


One of the places where leaves and other objects get stuck and accumulate the most in the fall is in roof gutters. What are the problems with this? Well, if a gutter is not clear, it will not serve as a corridor for rainwater. In the long run, this can lead to dampness or water seepage.

For this step of roof cleaning, you can start by removing branches and leaves manually. However, for a more thorough job, specialized tools are needed, such as:

  • Vacuum cleaners and gutter blowers
  • Coarse bristle brushes and vanishing trowels 
  • Pressurized water cleaning hoses or pressure washers
  • Telescopic handle 

Roof ventilation

orange roof

As fall and winter approach, especially, maintaining good roof ventilation is critical. A check of the air circulation systems in the shingles will ensure a longer life of the roofing materials, prevent mold, improve insulation, among other things. 

This point of roof cleaning will not only protect your shingles against the accumulation of fungus but will also help regulate temperatures not only on cold days but also on hot days. 

Depending on your needs, you can just check the state of the ventilation or decide to install special ducts or sheets to avoid cold draughts. If you need any kind of guidance regarding your roof cleaning, Les Toitures Vallée & Fils is at your service. Our results speak for us.