Removing snow from the roofs of houses: tips, recommendations and warnings

When the winter season arrives, in addition to the characteristic cold of that time, one of the problems that arises is the great accumulation of snow on the roofs, a situation that not everyone knows how to solve, so they need a little help in that regard.

Removing snow from roofs is something very important that everyone who owns a house has to do, since that extra weight on their structures can accumulate so much, to the point where it starts to weaken the structure, something that no one wants to happen on their property.

If you are one of the people who for the first time live a snowfall at home and do not know how to remove snow from roofs, you have come to the ideal place, because in this post we are going to discuss some tips, recommendations and warnings, with which this situation will no longer be a problem for you.

Tips for removing snow from roofs

The main thing to know to remove snow from roofs, is that it has to be a procedure that you do in complete safety, without putting yourself at risk at any time, so we advise you to take into account the following:

Hire a professional

You don’t have to remove the snow from the roofs by yourself, nowadays there are many professionals specialized for that job, who have a lot of experience and the necessary tools to do it safely, so you can consider hiring them and forget about that problem.

In this regard, make sure that the selected company has testimonials in their favor about their work, so you know that you are working with real experts in the area.

Work with someone else

In case you decide to remove snow from roofs by yourself to save the money of hiring a professional, then we advise you to never work alone, since as a safety measure you should have one or more people available to help you, in case you slip or an emergency arises.

Clean the roof from a safe area

The best way to remove snow from roofs is to do it from a ladder that you place on solid ground, and it is from there that you reach the snow to be removed with the proper tools, making sure that the steps are free and in good condition.

Use safety elements to remove snow from roofs

If you decide to remove snow from roofs without using ladders, we advise you to use safety elements to avoid any fall, such as straps or belts anchored to something strong, such as a chimney.

Be careful not to damage the tiles.

It is important that when accessing the roof of your home you are very careful not to damage the tiles, both when stepping on them to remove snow, and with the tools that will help you to achieve such action, so avoid using picks, hammers and other sharp equipment to remove ice and snow.

Choose the right tools to use

Removing snow from roofs is not something that will be very complicated, but it can become a somewhat tedious and time-consuming task in those cases where the tools are not suitable for such work, so you should select the ones that are the most suitable in that sense.

If the roof of your house is flat, you can opt for a tool as simple as a snow rake, which will help you to gently collect the accumulated snow all over the roof, without causing any inconvenience, or delaying this process.

Recommendations when removing snow from roofs

The time of a snowfall can be very extensive, so at the end of it you may have a lot of work to do, so it is better to do it the right way to save time and that means less effort to achieve that goal.

Our recommendations for removing snow from roofs are as follows:

  • Do an inspection of your home’s roofand start removing snow from it by those most vulnerable areas, which are noticed with more weight and could be sinking the roof of your house.
  • If there is large iceaccumulated on the edge of the roof, near the doors or windows, you should start by removing it, before focusing on removing the snow on the roofs, since the first ones are the ones that put you in the most danger.
  • Do not try to completely remove the snow from the roofs, firstly because it is unlikely that you will succeed, and secondly because the snowfall will continue and it will accumulate again. The important thing in any case is that you can relieve some of the weight of the roof of your house, so that the next snowfall does not affect it so much.
  • If you have trees near your home, we also recommend that you relieve the weightof their branches from the accumulated snow, as these could end up giving way and eventually fall on your roof, which would be even more damaging than the snow that has accumulated there with each snowfall.
  • Focus on the areas of the roof where there are cracks, as the accumulation of water in these and then turning into ice, ends up deteriorating your roof shingles. This is what makes it so important to remove snow from roofs as often as possible.

As long as you follow the tips and recommendations we have left you with in this article, you will have no problems when a snowfall comes, as you will have both everything you need to remove snow from roofs in the best way.

Remember that you always have the option of contacting some professionals to take care of this task for you, which will allow you to not put yourself at risk at any time, as they are experts in this area and to that they have the right tools to perform such action, unlike you, so it is not a bad idea actually.