Removing snow from the roof: when and why is it necessary?

With winter just a few months away in the Montreal area, it is key to start preparing for snowfall. Excess snow on a roof can cause serious structural damage to your home, so here are all the signs that you should remove snow from your roof.

Why remove snow from the roof?

First of all, it is necessary to explain why it is important to remove snow from the roof. You may think that it is too much work and that it will melt by itself. However, it is not that simple. 

Often, a heavy snowfall is followed by rain. Water increases the weight of the snow, so if it continues to snow and you don’t remove the snow from the roof, it will accumulate before it has a chance to melt.

This can generate ice dams, moisture and even if the excess snow is too much it can affect the house supports and cause cracks in the walls.

Signs that you should remove snow from roofs

house full of snow

It is often asked when to remove snow from the roof? Sometimes it’s just a simple layer that you don’t have to worry about. So, here are all the signs that you should start thinking about hiring a residential roof snow removal service.

1. After a heavy snowfall

After a heavy snowfall or several days of continuous snowfall, it is an optimal time to clear the snow. 

Fresh snow is the easiest to clear and it is also a good idea to keep an eye on how high the snow level rises on your roof. Make sure that it does not exceed 15 cm, as more than this can generate a strong impact on the roof.

2. The shape and material of your house’s roof

house full of snow

Maybe you didn’t know it, but some roofs tend to accumulate more snow than others, so you should be more attentive to remove snow from the roof on these roofs.

Considering the above, a flat house roof accumulates more snow since there is no opportunity for snow to slide off. Similarly, a shingled house roof also retains more snow because the textures are not smooth. 

On the other hand, the amount of snow your roof can support depends on multiple factors. So, here is a snow load calculator for home roofs.

Thus, if you have a home roof with these characteristics, it is recommended to have on hand the contact of a residential roof snow removal service.

3. Moisture and cracks

If you see this sign, you should remove the snow from your roof immediately or as soon as possible. This means that the snow has already begun to damage your home.

When snow melts, it creates roof impact and puddles that can penetrate your wall and create dampness. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found a strong link between moisture in walls and respiratory infections, so it is very important to take care of it at the first sign. 

On the other hand, cracks in the walls are an indication that the snow is getting too heavy. Thus, the snow presses on the structures of the house and causes them to begin to crack

Finally, it is not advisable to remove snow from the roof yourself. First of all, not every home always has the proper tools; secondly, it is dangerous and you can slip off the roof. Thus, the best option is to hire a residential roof snow removal service.

For more information on the dangers of snowfall, we advise you to review the official report of the Canadian government.