Elastomeric membrane: a lasting choice

Elastomeric membrane is a product that is only offered for roofs whose slope is very low, or flat roofs. Flexible and more durable than shingles, it offers fewer customization possibilities, but requires relatively little maintenance. If the installation of this type of covering is well done, it can last up to 25 or 30 years. Although it is slightly more expensive than shingles, elastomeric membrane remains affordable: its price is largely justified by its durability. Accounting for almost half of all roof coverings in Canada, elastomeric membrane is a favourite in the country!

An installation according to standards

To ensure its durability, elastomeric membrane must be installed according to specific procedures: atmospheric conditions during installation and the techniques used ensure a resistant and weatherproof roof. Les Toitures Vallée & Fils specialize in elastomeric membrane installation. Your roof should protect you for the next 20 to 30 years, so call on professionals for your renovation project!

Our guarantee: peace of mind

Les Toitures Vallée & Fils offer a 10-year guarantee on repair and construction work done on your residential roof.

Extended 25-year or lifetime (limited) guarantees are also available via the different manufacturers with whom we work.

The manufacturers

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