Certified roofers for roof installations and repairs

Before starting roof installation or repair projects, our team of roofers ensures you are well informed in regards to the quote you’ve been given. Our quoting procedure for roof installations and repairs is divided into several steps, from the first meeting, to production, and submission.

Here is how our experienced roofers proceed:

  • Appointment booking for a free quote
  • Evaluation of your needs
  • Specific evaluation of required work
  • Inspection of roof and attic (as required)
  • Search for signs of water infiltration
  • General inspection of roof state and its remaining lifespan
  • Inspection of different roof components: chimney flashings, valleys in the outdoor walls, brick wall counterflashing, etc. (as required)
  • Inspection of roof ventilation
  • Creation of detailed quote with precise evaluation of costs related to roof installation or repair work
Your roof is the main protection of your home against Mother Nature. Take good care of it! Contact our roofers now!
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